First of all, go ahead and call me a Winx Club hater because in my honest opinion the show and the concept itself have gone to hell.

Winx Club aired on 4kids during my high school years and the final season occurred when I was a sophomore at a community college.

Since 4kids’s last release of season 3, Italy and almost the rest of the world had a jump start with season 4 before Nick would enter the arena and acquire the rights to Winx Club in 2011 with four new specials. Those who already seen the 4kids version, like myself, would noticed that a shitload of changes happened.

For example, Stella is now called the Fairy of the Shining Sun which makes sense because she doesn’t use her moon powers…ever, so why call her the Sun and the Moon?

Another example is a lot of plot holes. At the beginning, everyone screams, “MAGIC…CHARMIX” because Bloom doesn’t create the name WINX until later. Her reason for calling the group the Winx Club is real fucking stupid.

Nick – The word Winx means nothing…wtf!

4kids – Even better…we’re the Winx Club.

Comic (for those lucky enough to have the US Magazine in stores before the plug was pulled) – Take the word “Wings” and replace the gs with a x. If I remembered correctly, it’s in issue 4.

– Bloom…Bloom…Bloom fucking Bloom all the damn time like wtf. Let me type all of the fucking Blooms that I own:

Evening Gown Bloom – First Winx Doll to own EVER.
Singsational Bloom
Charmix Bloom
School Bloom

Concert Bloom
Believix Bloom

FUCK! I have at least six of her ass while everyone else is only three.

Shopping Stella
Charmix Stella

Concert Stella

Shopping Flora – Hair ties have disintegrated due to heat issues.
Charmix Flora

Concert Flora and this is the most corrupted doll that I’ve ever own in the entire Winx line. Details later.

Charmix Musa
Beach Musa (from Canada)

Concert Musa

Charmix Tecna (Online ebay purchase)
Singsational Tecna

Concert Tecna – First JAKKS doll that I’ve ever own.

Evening Layla
Charmix Layla

Concert Aisha – wins the wtf department award.

Why the hell is it always Bloom?
When the Believix Dolls were released, there was an option of ordering the box with 6 dolls inside. Doesn’t that sound nifty? You’re probably thinking omg I’ll have all of the dolls and I won’t have to hunt for them ever!

Think again.

There are six dolls per box, but you have to follow the following bullshit algorithms:

3 out of 6 dolls are Bloom, so if you’re a hardcore fan, great. If not or if you’re sick of dupes, like me, tough shit.

The fourth doll is Stella.

The fifth doll is Flora.

So, if you have two cousins who want a Bloom doll, give them the extras. Also, half of your collection has now been completed since you are guaranteed to own a Bloom, Stella, and Flora

Now, the sixth doll is either Aisha, Tecna, or Musa.

1 out of 6 is an Aisha, Tecna, or Musa.

Your odds not only suck but your chances of getting a duplicate doll from this category are extremely high as hell.

Let’s say you ordered three boxes
There’s a chance that you’ll have the following results:

Aisha Aisha Aisha
Tecna Tecna Tecna
Musa Musa Musa

Aisha Tecna Tecna
Aisha Musa Musa
Tecna Aisha Aisha
Tecna Musa Musa
Musa Aisha Aisha
Musa Tecna Tecna

Very rare outcome that would only occur on a full moon – Aisha Tecna Musa

Add the factors of supply and demand and price gouging and you’re in trouble.

Now that Season 5 is almost done, I’m wondering why the hell are the Harmonix dolls still incomplete? If overstocking shelves and poor sales are the reasons, then look above. You can’t even fricking complete a Believix set if half of the algorithms are crap.

Furthermore, City Style doesn’t have Musa and Tecna either! I’ve already mentioned that they are a part of the Winx Club unless their characters have been completed killed off from the show.

Jakks Pacific isn’t the only one who did this stunt. While the US didn’t see any Mattel season 3 merchandise and Canada had limited doll line releases, there were a lot of European Mattel dolls with advertisements about the movie. There have been some doll lines that don’t have Tecna, and Disco and Slumber Party are two examples.

Maybe the doll producers assume that Tecna died since she was missing for five episodes in season 3, maybe there wasn’t any fashions for her, or she is the only girl with extremely short hair.

One of the reasons why Winx sucks ass is that the show geared away from magical realms into what the flying fuck…side storylines?

Season 4 – The last Fairy on Earth arc a.k.a Roxy.
Season 5 – Pure Ocean adventure bullshit.

Why not title Winx Club seasons 4 and 5 as Winx Club: Earth Adventures and Winx Club: Ocean Adventures or Ocean Quest or something?

Let’s add the Winx Sirenix Power to the mix. I guess the developers saw my post and now Flora and Musa are coming. That’s great and everything, but here’s a suggestion: How about giving the players an opportunity to earn the chance to own Stella, Flora, or Musa? Not everyone wants to play as Bloom who happens to wear my favorite color: Blue. Since blue is the most popular color, I think it’s a good marketing strategy to push Bloom dolls out of store shelves. She is the main star of the show after all, but she turned into an invader for the consumer’s doll closet.